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We are a family-run Market Garden and CSA located in Oldham County, KY. 

 Who Are We?


Our garden is family-run and operated. We grow all of our produce on four acres that we lease from Foxhollow Farm, a biodynamic grass fed beef farm located just northeast of Louisville, KY. We grow year-round utilizing season extension methods such as cover cloths and unheated high tunnels. 

We use natural growing methods such as crop rotations and cover cropping. We utilize fresh compost as our main source of fertility. We avoid conventional fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. We also employ biodynamic methods including herbal sprays and preparations as well as adopting the philosophy that the farm is a living organism, and we should treat it as such. It is our belief that this produces the healthiest food available. 


We are currently serving the Louisville and Cincinnati communities. In Louisville you can find our produce at Douglass Loop Farmer's Market which runs from March through November. Starting November 28th you we will be offering preorders through our store. We will have pick ups on farm and at Douglass Loop.  Additionally we offer a limited number of Community Supported Agriculture Shares (CSA). 

June through October you can find our produce in Cincinnati at the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 9:30AM-1PM

The Team...





Pavel is the backbone of the the garden. He is passionate about cover cropping and soil improvement. As the manager of the garden, his tasks range from planting to harvesting, tractor cultivation and weed suppression and all the tasks in between. 

His first taste of gardening was as a child in Russia at the country dacha. He was tasked with berry picking, collecting potato beetles (for pest suppression) and double digging garden beds.  

He has been a student of the land ever since and believes it is vital to never stop observing, learning and evolving. 

Katie got her start in gardening by WWOOFing on a small organic farm in the South Island of New Zealand. It wasn't until 2011 that she joined Pavel's Garden, and she has been learning and enjoying the spoils ever since. Her main inspiration from the garden is cooking and preparing the many vegetables. 

Sophia grew up in the garden and is on her way to being an expert in all things garden related. She is a natural wild crafter enjoying foraging for oyster mushrooms, dandelions, wood sorrel and clover.  

Billie is the newest member of the garden family. She is endlessly entertaining the family in and out of the garden.

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